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Our Portfolio Management Process


As a component of our Wealth Management service, we manage your investment or retirement portfolio in a customized, accountable, and disciplined fashion.


Five Seasons first conducts an initial interview with you and gathers data to determine your:

These various inputs, and any additional feedback from you, are then combined into a personalized, written Investment Policy Statement.  This document serves as the foundation on which our discretionary investment management decisions will be based, and it will serve as a touchstone to provide guidance and discipline when markets become volatile.  You may also find the mere process of having an Investment Policy Statement created for you to be educational and enlightening.

 While your Investment Policy Statement is being generated,  Five Seasons also oversees the process of transferring your retirement and investment accounts to our institutional custodian, TD Ameritrade.  We will help you complete any paperwork necessary to consolidate and simplify any accounts under our management, will ensure assets are transferred properly, and will then implement the initial investment allocation in a tax-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Investment decisions are then made, in our best judgment, to help you attain your overall investment objectives within the bounds of the target asset allocation described in your Investment Policy Statement.  To this end, Five Seasons:

  1. Continuously monitors client accounts,
  2. Dynamically rebalances client portfolios,
  3. May employ tax management strategies, if applicable, and
  4. Utilizes tactical asset allocation on an ongoing basis, and if appropriate.



As an ongoing part of our investment management process, Five Seasons provides you with quarterly position statements that highlight our adherence to your Investment Policy Statement.  And we provide you with performance reports on the investment accounts under our management at TD Ameritrade Institutional, complete with benchmarks relevant to your customized portfolio, on a semi-annual basis.  Every year, we meet with you to review your portfolio, to discuss financial market conditions, to determine if the assumptions underlying the Investment Policy Statement are still valid, and to assess the need to address any other financial planning issues.  Again, clients may find this review process an educational experience that fosters peace of mind.