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Fee-Only Wealth Management

Take Control of Your Finances

Wealth Management is what Five Seasons does; it's how we serve our clients.

Wealth Management means different things to different people.  From our perspective, Wealth Management combines:

  1. discretionary investment management, and
  2. integrated financial planning.

This holistic approach to advising clients ensures that the various facets of their financial lives combine harmoniously to achieve financial objectives.  


The "Fee-Only" Difference

Unlike most other financial advisory firms, Five Seasons is Fee-Only.  This means that Five Seasons does not accept commissions, fees or payments of any kind from mutual fund firms, broker/dealers, insurance companies, or any other third party.  All of the firm’s revenue is derived from fees paid directly by clients.

Because of this Fee-Only business model, there are no outside influences affecting the guidance that Five Seasons provides to clients.  As a result, clients receive the highest level of objective, professional financial advice available.  If you’ve been reading the national financial publications, you’ve most likely read what financial experts and impartial industry observers have been saying about the many benefits to consumers of Fee-Only financial advice.

By some estimates, fewer than 2% of the financial advisers in the country are Fee-Only (not to be confused with "fee-based", which is a term Wall St. has conjured up to confuse consumers), so it would be understandable if you were unfamiliar with Fee-Only financial advice.  To see a short video primer on the topic, please click on Fee-Only, Fiduciary Financial Adviser Educational Video.